6 Ways to keep it healthy this season

I am sure you’re going to spend a lot of your summer weekends either at the beach or barbecuing in backyards which I agree is fun but aren’t most of these parties loaded with fat rich foods like pasta, fried potatoes, noodles etc.? So how do you get beach ready this summer? Here’s what you can do for a healthier and fitter.

Turn to salads more often

Even salads are perfect meals for your main course especially dinner, sounds unlikely right? When made with the right ingredients even salads can be yummy and fill so for dinner tonight chop off some lettuce, rhubarb, cabbage, onions, few olives, a tomato, some chicken and top it all off with a little with sweet corn, avocado and salt, and pepper.


Increase water intake 

When it comes to drinks there’s nothing that equals the role of water in the body so my suggestion you stick to it and reduce consumption of sweetened juices or even sports drinks.

A glass of water before every meal will keep you full and reduce intake. The daily water consumption as suggested by experts is about 7-8 glasses.

Switch to fruits for desserts

Being a fan of desserts I understand your craving to reach for the last remaining cake slice or tart but I am sure you’re aware of the curse of diabetes, weight gain etc. hanging over it so my suggestion would switch to healthier choices such as a bowl of fresh fruits like berries, watermelon, oranges,  peaches etc. topped with some Greek yogurt.

Healthy desserts like rhubarb crumble, rhubarb pie too is extremely popular so here’s how you can make them at home.

Tips for a lazy afternoon

We all have those lazy days where cooking seems like a tough chore and ordering pizza seems easier. Well here’s a healthier solution, chop raw vegetables with mayonnaise or hummus, sliced whole-grain bread or crackers, olives, fruit, nuts and boiled eggs or chicken.

A mug full of mixed fruit and vegetable smoothie topped with some cream or yogurt is an excellent alternative or just simply grab a bowl of oats, throw in some fresh fruits, a scoop of Greek yogurt and you’re good to go.

Get moving

Your diet alone isn’t going to get you in shape this summer you’ve got to get off the couch and get going and no the gym isn’t the only best way to work a sweat. Hiking, bicycling, roller skating or simply walking are perfect alternatives and fun too plus you can tag a friend along too.


Get more Sleep

Eight hours of sleep is the golden rule we all know it but here’s why. Lack of sleep raises the body’s stress level which in turn boosts cortisol levels which is known as the hunger hormone. This results in more cravings, in turn, resulting in excessive or unhealthy eating. 



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